Why Supply Solutions?

‘Nothing too big or too small’ – Make a phone call and we will provide a price on any product or piece of specialist equipment.

• Bespoke solutions to consumable needs
• Personal service focussing on customer service and quality
• Flexible and competitive due to multi manufacturer supply
• Technical advice and support
• Avoid unproductive time sourcing products…..just make a single phone call or email

We are an independent organisation who has extensive buying powers and
flexibility to supply. We use our flexibility and best practice to ensure we secure the most competitive price for each individual item purchased.
We have an extensive knowledge and understanding of corporate organisations and in turn recognise the quality standards and expectations associated.

Core Values

1. Understand and exceed customer expectations 100% of the time
2. Always act with integrity, transparency and honesty
3. Provide a flexible service that supports the needs of our customers and their business at any given time
4. Ensure we offer an efficient and effective service that is value for money to our customers
5. Create mutually beneficial last relationships with customers and supply chain


We often ‘pay for ourselves’- we don’t charge a ‘service fee’ or ‘consultation fee’ we simply just add a margin onto the product or service we source and provide to our customer. The cost to our customer is often cheaper than they could buy it themselves due to our economies of scale, expertise and buying power – so really our outstanding service is FREE!


We deliver products in a variety of ways… Sometimes we dropship, other times we courier products or alternatively one of our team will deliver them to site. Which option depends on the most cost effective or which is best suited to our client’s needs.